small animations

2013-02-11 15:51:14 by Diives

Another small animation, this time is Jirachi -dream

and see my first small animation, Oshawott nomnomnom-everytime

follow me if you want to see more :)

small animations


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2013-02-11 16:46:40

awesome work - it looks super smooth

Diives responds:

thanks :) this is for a little period so be alert for more


2013-02-11 16:47:30

Those blue energy effects were really nicely done.

Diives responds:

thanks, it was really hard, but i make it finally :)


2013-02-11 17:47:36

super cute and well animated, good job! also i'm pretty sure you could upload them to newgrounds because i've seen extremely short animations on the art portal before

Diives responds:

maybe, but newgrounds is for more movies that tell you a plot, I don't like use this portal for upload test animations or small animations, but I know youre right, thanks for you review :)


2013-02-11 18:15:41

Smooth, simple, cute. PERFECT! Great work mate.

Diives responds:

thanks :D


2013-02-11 20:52:23

These look quiiite nice.

Diives responds:

thanks :D


2013-02-12 00:03:22

Ohbmygagbbt it's adorable ;_;

Diives responds:

oh gad thanks so much ;__;


2013-02-12 01:41:15

love the timing on those two animation. They are soooo cute!

Diives responds:

thanks so much :D